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Settlements have been reached in the Canadian SRAM national class actions, totalling $4.85 million

What is SRAM?

SRAM (“Static Random Access Memory”) is a computer memory chip found in many electronic devices.

Who can get money from the settlements?

Persons resident in Canada (individuals, businesses and governmental entities) can get money from the settlements if you bought sufficient SRAM and/or certain electronic devices containing SRAM between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2005. The electronic products that are eligible for compensation are:

Desktop Computers Routers
Personal Digital Assistants Modems
Smart Phones Switches
Servers  (“Eligible SRAM Products”)

You must complete and submit the claim form by June 29, 2016.

The deadline to submit a claim has now passed.

The plan to pay settlement funds is based on two variables:

SRAM Amount 1
The amount of SRAM or Eligible SRAM Products purchased by a class member (the value of your SRAM purchases must exceed a set minimum)
Classification 2
The classification of the class member’s purchases into the End user, Manufacturer or Distributor/Reseller claims categories.

Review the Notice of Settlement Approval or frequently asked questions (“FAQ”) for more information.